Installed for properties in London

If you’re looking to install a quality and affordable intruder alarm system on your property, contact the team at Abeera Ltd. We are an electronic security company with years of experience in taking care of our clients’ intruder alarm needs.

Intruder Alarm Installer London

Intruder alarms are the classic form of residential and commercial security against intruders. These alarm systems are developed to detect when someone enters your property without a key or electronic password. The technology behind this detection utilises both motion sensors and infrared beams. Our range of intruder alarm systems can not only be tailored to fit your needs and budget but they also feature the latest in security technology.

We utilise the security technology of both Honeywell and Visonic to deliver the best intruder alarm systems that money can buy.

  • Honey Well
  • Pyronix
  • Keco
  • Visonic


  • Access Control
  • Intruders Alarm
  • Safe Contractor
  • Gate Safe
  • PAC
  • IndigoVision
  • HikVision

Benefits of installing wireless burglar alarms:

  • Our range of intruder alarm systems and wireless burglar alarms offer the best protection for your home
  • Protects your home against theft and unauthorised entry
  • Easier and less disruptive to install as there is no need to wire it into the mains
  • Portable
  • You can control the alarm network through your computer, tablet or smartphone

Contact us to help you chose the right alarm system for your home.